Mom went absolutely berserk when she found my weed

Marijuana has been legal to use for recreational and medical purposes in this state for well over years.

  • I’ve only been allowed to purchase recreational marijuana for the past 2 years.

I tried smoking pot with my pals and I thought the effects were fun and enjoyable. I do not use recreational marijuana that often, but it is such a nice release when I have had a bad afternoon. It is equally nice to use on the weeknights when I want to hang out and relax with my friends. I job at a job that does not care if I smoke pot, so I do not have to worry about losing my job. Even though it is legal, some jobs can still request employees not use the medication. My parents do not recognize that marijuana can be considered a medication. I never told them that I was using marijuana recreationally. One afternoon my mom called me, because she got a flat tire and she could not change the tire on her own. She knew that I was right around the corner having some dinner with pals. I knew it wouldn’t take more than 10 or 15 minutes to change the tire, so I went to help out my mom. I told my mom to rest in my car while I changed the tire. I didn’t want her to be outside in the brutal heat. I didn’t suppose she would Snoop around in my car. She found a bin of recreational marijuana stashed in the glove compartment and instantly started to ask myself and others a thousand nagging questions.


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