I can grow up to 12 plants with the medical mariujuana card

I love being on the west coast where the beach is sunny and the weed is abundant.

There are a couple of reasons to get a medical marijuana card, even if you live in the states where recreational marijuana is legal.

One of the biggest reasons is simply to save money on taxes. The taxes for medical marijuana are much less than the taxes on recreational marijuana. I don’t have to pay any city or local taxes when I present my medical marijuana card to the dispensary. That can save me about 20% total on the entire store purchase. I can also purchase a higher amount of products when I go to the store. For instance, I can only purchase 1 oz of marijuana flower at a time when I order from the dispensary using the recreational system. Using my medical marijuana card, I can’t actually buy up to a half pound of marijuana. I can also grow up to 12 plants with a medical marijuana card. Recreational marijuana users cannot grow plants at all. Just being able to form my own product is reason enough to get a medical marijuana card. It’s also pretty easy. The fees are less than $100 and there are first-time patient discounts all over the place that will help cover those fees. I visit a different place every time I want to order, so I can take advantage of the first time patient specials. Sometimes they are 25% or 30% off and other times they give you demo products for free like edibles, pre-rolled marijuana cigarettes, and things like that.

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