I got a parking ticket while shopping

My girlfriend and I went to a brand new marijuana dispensary downtown.

The place was having a grand opening special and every item in the store was 30% off.

All of the top shelf cannabis flower, concentrate, and edibles were included in the sale. The parking lot was completely filled with cars and there was no place for me to park. My girlfriend suggested we drive down the street and find a spot close to the football stadium. I agreed with her and we started driving towards the football field. I found a spot that was about four blocks away from the dispensary. It was right under a street light. I found that to be helpful, because it was going to be dark in about an hour. My girlfriend and I locked up the car tightly and we headed over to the dispensary. We were inside of the dispensary for 30 or 40 minutes. There were a number of activities happening at the same time. The store was busy and we were looking at all of the products that were available. We were inside the store for quite a while before we came back outside. We had all of our medical and recreational marijuana items in a bag under our arm. I nearly dropped the items down the drain when I realized that our car had a big pink parking ticket on the windshield. We looked around for a sign and there wasn’t anything outside of the dispensary that made us think the car was in a No Parking zone.


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