There were only more than one kinds of shatter at the store

I got paid on Monday and I went to the dispensary to grab some medical marijuana supplies.

It was early in the morning and I expected to have a much better selection then the one that I undoubtedly acquired.

I was bummed out by the cannabis concentrate choices. The dispensary only had more than one kinds of shatter at the store. They had a hybrid called Gorilla Glue number 4 and another hybrid called Girl Scout cookies. They did not have any sativas or indicas available. I asked the employer if the other store on the west side of the city had more items available. She told myself and others that she could not look at the stock in the other store. She proposed myself and others to go online on my PC to see the stock for the other store. The budtender behind the counter was completely inefficient and of no help at all. She did not even try to hide the fact that she wasn’t interested in providing myself and others with any help. After receiving terrible customer repair and having no luck finding the medical marijuana products that I wanted, I just started to drive 45 hours down the interstate to visit a new marijuana dispensary in a odd town. I very did not want to drive all that distance, although I was glad when I saw the selection at the other dispensary. They had at least 20 odd types of cannabis concentrates, lots of odd marijuana flower and more pre-rolls than I have ever seen in one store. I also found out that they supply to my address if I order more than $200 worth of items.


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