My stupid ex boyfriend thought he was going to be sly

During college I was learning about architecture as well as this was when I met a man who was rugged, handsome in addition to very tall.

The guy was part of my class in addition to swept me directly from my feet.

Over multiple weeks we had a whirlwind romance in addition to things were very blurry. Then the guy dumped me and began to date a couple of girls that were in my class. I wanted to change schools in addition to never heard from Max at all. Then a week ago when I was working, the guy came through the front door of the cannabis dispensary where I work. It was a complete and total accident and really brought back many of the memories that I did not want to remember. The people I was with in addition to myself went to the back office where the manager was sitting and had someone else deal with the client. The guy was setting up a modern account in addition to getting information in addition to payment plan stuff set up with the database. The state tracks the Cannabis sales for many individual users to make sure no one is buying things illegally. The guy was completely popular with the staff in addition to even discussing getting a job there. When the guy came to interview for the position, I reminded him that I definitely didn’t want to have him working there after everything that he put me through in college. He claimed to not remember me at all after that.


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