Some parties are easy to remember the next day

The party host I found out later owns a cannabis dispensary

When I went to a party, I believe that I was absolutely tripping on something because everything that I saw was hard to believe. There was a huge punch bowl that was substantially filled with fluffy cannabis butts. There was about a pound or more of weed in the table in addition to No One seemed to think this was any type of big deal. People acted love the free cannabis was something that these people saw frequently. I believe that I needed a lot of friends love this. People were being very giving with the Cannabis supply. I started walking around the party in addition to noticing that everyone was enjoying different types of cannabis. Some of the people were hitting dabs and other people were vaping. Some people were smoking the dried marijuana flower buds from the big jars on the mansell. Every person seem to bring a party favor in addition to people were being too classy just to have the free cannabis. The people in this community were being civil in addition to classy. The party host I found out later owns a cannabis dispensary. This is one reason why he has such a substantial marijuana quantity. The guy gets free samples from all types of growers as well as then uses those samples to get people to want to buy the products. The people I was with in addition to myself really made sure that we were friendly with that guy so we would get invited to a single of these cannabis parties.