The paperwork got lost in the mail

I applied for a marijuana business license three times before I was finally accepted.

The first time I applied for a marijuana business license, I did not fill out the paperwork properly. I got the entire packet returned to me and I just decided to give up instead of filling out the paperwork a second time. About 6 months later, I was harvesting marijuana again and I got the bright idea to file for a business license. This time I took my time to fill out all of the paperwork as properly as possible. The government has 90 days to respond to any application for a marijuana permit or license. 190 days were up and I had not heard anything, I called the county register and they claimed that they never received any of the paperwork. I didn’t have any copies, so I had to fill everything out again. They really try to make the process difficult for anyone trying to break into the cannabis retail business. This time I decided to use a cannabis consulting service. The recreational marijuana business consulting service filled out all of the forms and prepared the application for me. After the application was filled out, they personally walked it to the clerk’s office and waited for a receipt that they received the application. Less than 30 days later, I received a full response from the office along with the paperwork and information for my new business license and permit. After all that time, I was finally allowed to grow marijuana legally on my property.



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