A cannabis consultant that knows my community

When hiring a cannabis consulting repair it is substantial they assume your area… I hired a mairjuana consultant that really catered to a wealthier clientele, then when setting up my store the cannabis consultant wanted everything to look sleek, modern, edgy and lavish, but they wanted my website to have moving graphics, videos and lots of pictures.

The vibe of the store was supposed to be rich and snooty. I wasn’t too pleased. It was clear they didn’t assume my community at all. I cater to an older range of people, and my shoppers are all nearing or past retirement age. If they are looking for cannabis it is for medical reasons. They wanted cannabis in order to sleep better at evening, manage chronic pain or skin problems. They aren’t looking to gathering or be cool. The edgy, new look wasn’t geared toward their age. I wanted something easy, with a small town feeling. The website set up I knew would be too hard for someone older to navigate. I ended up letting the cannabis consultant go. I found a new cannabis dispensary repair that does corporation in my community. The marijauanc consultant immediately wanted to change everything. Warmer colors, more wood, basic furniture and an easy to navigate website. They didn’t bother too much with social media and instead pushed paper advertisements in the store. They also had a feature added to my website where you can click and make the print larger for someone with bad eyupight. They were exactly what I was looking for.


Medical marijuana dispensary consulting