It was a small box, but they crammed it with fifteen packs of CBD gummies.

I found a special sale on one of the CBD website.

They were offering buy one pack of CBD gummy packs and get one free.

For every five pack of CBD gummies you purchase, you got an extra pack of CBD gummies. I thought I was going to be receiving 11 packs of gummies when I bought five packs. I couldn’t believe my luck. I had purchased CBD from this company several times, and I hadn’t found a special like this before now. I had to take advantage of it and get everything I could while the sale was still going on. One pack of CBD gummies had ten gummies inside, and they lasted about four days. With eleven packs, I would have enough for the month. A week later, I got a box from the CBD company. I couldn’t wait to open the package and see what the free packs were. I knew they would be CBD, but I bought them for pain. It was going to be pain medicine, sleep, or something else? I opened my package like it was a Christmas surprise gift. I counted fifteen packs of CBD gummies, when I took them out of the box. There were three flavors and they were all for pain and sleep. You can’t believe how happy I was when I saw those packets. I was going to contact the CBD company and tell them they sent extra, and I hoped they wouldn’t make me pay, but if they did, I hoped they gave me the same deal I got earlier.

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