How many samples can I get before paying for them?

I love going to giant box stores, but they consistently have free samples in the grocery section, however my child was about many when she asked me if I would take her for breakfast? It was a girls’ morning out, and I asked her where she wanted to go? She said she wanted to go to the grocery store, and i expected McDonald’s or Burger King, but never the grocery store.

She liked the little cups they served food in.

My child rolls her eyeah whenever I remind her of that, and reminds me ‌she is now an adult, but that doesn’t stop our memory, but last week, I got our minute sample box of CBD products! All I had to do was change our email address and change the spelling of our street address, and they sent it to me. I didn’t do this deliberately this time, but it had me wondering: How many samples can I get before paying for them? I checked the price of the CBD products they were offering when I went on the website. They were the same size as the sample products I received, and the products were worth almost $200. I could not suppose the CBD company was sending out full-sized CBD products and calling them samples. This time it was a mistake, but I’m thinking I may try it again next year. I don’t mind paying for our CBD, but if I can get it for free once a year, why pay? I know that makes me sound crooked, but one small pack of several gummies is almost $50.

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