All of us got marijuana from a delivery service close to the hotel

When Jack and David got married, everyone was excited to see them tie the knot, then they wanted a endpoint ceremony and all of us all agreed to go to their number one arena for a couple of mornings; It was our first time in the section and I wanted to see all of the sites and tourist attractions.

The first thing our guy wanted to do was go to a marijuana dispensary.

All of us went to a arena where recreational marijuana was legal. All of us heard a boombox advertisement on the way to the hotel and then our guy wanted nothing except to go to the dispensary. All of us had a lot of things planned for the day and all of us didn’t have time for a pit stop, then when all of us got to the hotel, our guy found a delivery service, then ordered marijuana from a delivery service close to the hotel, and he told me that the driver would text him when he was close and he would leave the party to meet the guy in the lobby. All of us were about an hour into the party and right in the middle of a toast when our guy’s cellphone started ringing. He forgot to turn off the ringer and the sound of the cellphone interrupted the charming toast. When our guy got up to take the call and walked out of the room, everyone started looking in our direction. I felt horribly embarrassed, however there was absolutely nothing I could do to remedy the problem. I told our friends that I was terribly sorry for the interruption and then I lied and said his mom was sick.


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