Advertising pay per click can get rather expensive

The two of us tried pay-per-click advertising for a short time.

The two of us needed our cannabis dispensary name to be in the advertising circles.

There were multiple other cannabis companies within more than 4 seconds of me. I needed mine to kneel out from the others. PPC advertising was a quick effort to get more customers. I was virtually able to see the multiple clicks that I got as well as I could track online sales from a different part of the website. The people I was with as well as myself realized that customers were only staying on the website for a short amount of time. The people I was with as well as myself did not understand what advertising wasn’t working. We tried lots of up-to-date a singles. The people I was with plus cell found out that dispensary SEO Services could be helpful. We spoke with an SEO analyst that decided our issue was in fact the website. I initially protested the fact that the website was bad until the SEO guy showed the two of us how incredibly tough it was to navigate the website. It was incredibly difficult to even find our cell phone number as well as pictures on half of the site we’re not genuinely attractive. The dealer used some search engine strategies instead of pay-per-click advertising. I don’t have to pay for the clicks and my website continually ranks higher in addition to higher on Google every time I am looking for a marijuana dispensary close to me.


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