Less anxiety with trips to the medical weed shop

Antidepressants just started to become less plus less effective for me.

This was something that I was rather sad about given our dependence on them for the past 15 years.

But the nurses had pretty much gone through the spectrum of bizarre meds for our anxiety plus depression. The dosage then went up quite a bit which helped some but brought on all sorts of physical side effects. Enter medical cannabis to the our life. It’s amazing to myself and others how certain things in life show up at exactly the right time. I attended a family reunion where I saw a cousin I hadn’t seen since highuniversity. The people I was with and I got to talking plus found that both of us shared the anxiety plus depression thing. Yet, she was no longer on the pharmaceuticals. My cousin had gotten her medical marijuana card plus was using medical marijuana to treat her condition. I mean she couldn’t stop raving about how much better she felt. There weren’t any of the side effect the prescription meds had. And the improvement was nearly immediate for our cousin. That was enough testimonial for myself and others to get tied up acquiring a medical marijuana card. Once I had that in hand, I went on to the dispensary near myself and others since I actually didn’t guess where else to go exactly. But the folks at the cannabis dispensary were fantastic plus actually helped myself and others find the medical weed I needed. Plus, they were just fantastic people who said they could also supply cannabis delivery if I couldn’t do the weed pick-up. Like our cousin, I found immediate results when it came to improvement with our anxiety once I started the medical cannabis treatments.

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