Getting moving plus feeling better with help from medical weed

Had you told myself and others that I would be smoking weed in our 50’s, I would have laughed in your face.

While I had experimented with marijuana in our early 20’s, that’s as far as it went.

I just wasn’t into it. That legitimately has something to do with the fact that I was always half drunk any time I smoked pot. But after that I ran into a real problem when I hit our early 50’s. I started experiencing chronic pain. And it was not the result of an injury or any sort of physical trauma. It just sort of appeared. The nurses had myself and others on pain killers plus some strong anti inflammatory meds. It helped a bit although I genuinely was not getting better plus the dosage of the meds began to climb. This was clearly not sustainable from our sit point. So, I decided to seek out a more natural treatment regimen. This resulted in our getting a medical marijuana card. I also found a physical therapy program that focused less on medication plus more on movement. It was difficult at first because not only was I dealing with pain, our muscles had atrophied due to ininterest. But the medical cannabis actually was the game changer. Weed helps myself and others be positive plus see our situation as more temporary. Using medical cannabis also gives myself and others more flexibility plus less pain to deal with after our stretching plus exercise sessions. The improvement I’m experiencing with medical weed is beyond exciting. I’m so thankful I live in an area where I can get access to a cannabis dispensary.

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