On the fishing trip, a couple of people were smoking pot

My friends and I planned a weekend at the lake and we didn’t invite any of our girlfriends.

Only one of them likes fishing and I just wanted to have a weekend that was just the guys.

When my girlfriend found out that she did not get invited, she went totally ballistic. She yelled at me for a half an hour and accused me of being the worst boyfriend in the world. I told her that she could go if she really wanted to but there wasn’t going to be anyone else there for her to talk to. She still wanted to go. When I told the guys that my girlfriend was going, they brought their girlfriends too and it turned out to be a big party instead of the small, intimate gathering that I had anticipated. We had to get another campsite to accommodate the larger tents and all of our supplies. We got a campsite at the end of the row and it was close to the lake. There were some people to the right of us and we had a clear view of the river to our right. Around midnight, my girlfriend got up and she complained that she could smell recreational marijuana coming from somewhere. I told my girlfriend that I did not think anyone was smoking pot, but she insisted that I get out of bed to see who was smoking marijuana in our campsite. I put on a pair of pants and I went outside of the tent. I definitely smelled marijuana, but it wasn’t coming from our campsite.


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