The kid was sweaty and red and looked overheated

Temperatures in the region have been hotter than any other time in the recorded past.

Last week we had three days in a row when the temperatures were almost 100°.

Normal summer temperatures around here are 85°. The heat affects everything including the people, animals, plants, and the environment. I get miserable when it is hot and humid. I find it difficult to concentrate on the easiest tasks. I have a state of the art air conditioner in my home and I keep it tuned up and well oiled so it always works well. I rarely leave the house unless it is absolutely necessary, especially during the summer months when it is hot and humid. I ordered marijuana from a delivery service last week. I received an estimated time of arrival that was 5:30 in the afternoon. It was still 97° at 5:30. The marijuana delivery driver showed up on time, but the guy looked miserable. He was sweaty and red and he looked very overheated. I asked the guy if he was riding his bicycle and he told me that the air conditioner in his car was not working properly. I felt really bad for the marijuana delivery kid and I offered to take a look at the problem the next morning if he came to the shop where I worked. The delivery driver thanked me for the help but he said he didn’t have any money till payday. I told the marijuana delivery driver that I would happily wait to get paid if there was a problem that he could afford to get fixed now.


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