After I moved, I slept on the couch for awhile

I moved to the West Coast so I could use recreational marijuana products legally.

I was living in a place where it was not legal and I had already been arrested twice for having marijuana or attempting to buy it.

I was afraid that I was going to end up in jail or prison and I was not going to let that happen when I could live somewhere else where the same products were perfectly legal. Some friends of mine had a couch and they offered to let me sleep on that couch until I could find a job in the city. I graciously accepted their offer and moved. Not long after I moved to the city, I found a job at a marijuana delivery service. I couldn’t believe my luck. I actually got a job working in the marijuana industry and that was the entire reason why I moved in the first place. It felt like fate had stepped in and done the work for me. I worked at the dispensary for several months before I had enough money to move into a place of my own. My friends said I could continue living on their couch, but that was not my idea of comfortable living. I found an apartment that was in someone’s basement and the place needed a lot of renovations. I knew a little bit about home renovations and remodeling from working with my dad in the construction industry. I took the place and made all of the renovations on my own for a lower rental rate. The apartment is small, but it’s really close to the marijuana dispensary and the grocery store.

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