Medical marijuana brings calm back to my mother’s eyes

One of the worst things about witnessing dementia in someone you love is the terror and confusion they experience. It’s just terrible to deal with and I felt so helpless. My mother’s dementia started out fairly slow but picked up steam as many with Alzheimer’s experience. Then we found medical marijuana. Cannabis products were not even on our radar when it came to mom’s condition. There are many medications to help with dementia so that’s where my focus was. But my sister got herself a bit of a cannabis education to understand the medical marijuana benefits as it pertains to dementia. Look, there is nothing that cures or stops Alzheimer’s. That’s just the facts right now. But anything that helps is worth trying. And medical cannabis has made a very big and helpful impact on my mom. She uses cannabis gummies and this really mellows her out without just knocking her unconscious the way some of the meds do. And when I look in her eyes during a period of confusion and disorientation, I no longer see the abject terror. Instead, the medical marijuana helps her have a calm about her. It’s like she almost knows that she’s lost but she’ll find something familiar before too long. Plus, we have noted that since she started with the medical cannabis treatments, she seems to have longer periods of lucidity than she was having. So there is definitely merit to the effects of medical marijuana when it comes to helping the effects of dementia. For me, I’m just grateful to look at my mom and not see the terror and fear she had prior to using medical marijuana.

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