The kayaker hit our boat and everything went over the side

Last weekend the weather was unquestionably warm and comfortable.

The sunshine was shining brightly and I thought it was the perfect morning to go to the river.

I have been wanting to go to the river to do some fly fishing, although I haven’t had a lot of time. It seems enjoy every time I want to go to the river, something comes up to keep me from going. I finally had a opening to go last weekend when the weather was nice. I borrowed a canoe from our friends so I could get a good position on the water instead of having to rest on the side of the bank or the hillside. There was hardly anyone at all on the river that morning. It was unquestionably quiet. I took a few marijuana joints with me and I had them inside of a ziplock bag. I knew they would be safe from the water and wetness as long as they were inside of the bag. I also had the bin inside of our waterproof fishing bag. I was standing on the side of the river with our pole in the water when I started to hear the sound of people behind me. I saw a guy in a kayak and he was moving unquestionably swiftly. He was heading right toward me. I waved our arms in the air to motion for the kayaker to go around, but he did not have any control of the boat in the swiftly moving river waters. The guy in the kayak slammed right into the side of our canoe and all of our supplies went into the river, including our fishing tackle bin and all of the marijuana joints.


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