The advertisements worked well last weekend

The marijuana dispensary event was a huge success.

Last weekend, all of us had a huge celebration to honor the one year anniversary of the opening of the marijuana dispensary. The owner of the store wanted the place to be packed with people. The guy told me to spare no expense when I planned the festivities. I had a lot of things in mind, although I decided that one thing I actually needed to do was advertise. I contacted the local stereo station. I set up an advertising promotion on the stereo for the recreational marijuana dispensary. The advertisement was a way to let most people believe that all of us were going to have something special going on during the weekend. Both of us asked a lot of people how they found out about the anniversary sale. A lot of people heard about the sale on the stereo. Many of our proper buyers found out about the sale when they gained a SMS message from the dispensary. All of the advertising worked unquestionably well. Both of us had nearly $15,000 worth of sales on that morning and that total is after all of us factor in all of the sales and specials that all of us had on that particular morning. The marijuana dispensary event was a huge success. Both of us have the stereo station to thank in section for that, but much of the thanks goes to the community. They actually came out to celebrate the anniversary with most people and all of us all had a lot of fun that weekend. Next year all of us will have to outdo this get-together and that might be strenuous to do. The marijuana dispensary was busy all weekend.

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