I prefer smoking weed in the afternoon, even though I vape all afternoon

I absolutely prefer the taste of marijuana.

A lot of people that smoke weed don’t prefer the way that it tastes or odors.

They will buy edibles, capsules, or tinctures so they don’t have to taste the marijuana plant. I love the way that marijuana tastes and odors. I love to smoke the flower in the afternoon. I usually vape all afternoon, because I am at work. My job doesn’t really care if I smoke marijuana at work as long as no one complains. I respectfully vape marijuana out by the dumpster when I take a break. No one has ever complained about the odor from The vape pen. A couple of nights ago there were some teenagers smoking a marijuana bowl and it was straight-forward to odor the flower burning. A purchaser reported the teenagers to the manager. The manager really caught the teenagers red-handed. They were still out back smoking marijuana when the boss went to check on the situation. Now that I know how absolutely customers can odor marijuana flower, there’s no way I shall ever mess up and smoke weed at work, and vaping is much more discreet and virtually odorless. The manager didn’t call the police, however he absolutely should have. The teenagers were 13 years old so the manager thought it was a better system just to call their parents. He made both of the men call home to get Mom or Dad to come option them up from the steakhouse. They must have been totally and completely embarrassed and absolutely got into a heap of trouble at home.


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