Better days with medical marijuana treatment

Had I known about medical marijuana, I don’t guess I would have spent so much time dealing with the painful suffering I have endured.

The odd section about what I’m dealing with is that it’s not a broken section or something care about that.

The condition that causes such pain is anxiety plus depression. Other than the look on our face, there is no way to tell that I’m suffering. And for a entirely long time, I l acquired how to mask the look of pain, fear plus trepidation on our face. Prior to being treated with medical cannabis, I went the antidepressant route. While there were some positives with the meds, they didn’t last plus I had to switch medications quite a bit or the dosage was pushed up. And that resulted in dealing with side effects that ironically caused more anxiety plus depression. Once I l acquired about medial marijuana benefits for our situation, I started a bit of a cannabis education. I went to cannabis dispensary events where I talked to both anxiety plus depression sufferers plus medical marijuana experts. I was convince enough to find out how to get a medical marijuana card. That was the beginning of the rest of our life. Since I started treatment with cannabis flower products, our anxiety plus depression are much more manageable. And there have been entire days that I particularly couldn’t disinfect our smile of our face. That is a far cry from where I was plus I have to attribute these fantastic results to cannabis products. Not more antidepressants plus all those side effects for me now that I have found a much more effective plus natural treatment.

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