The current house is closer to the dispensary

I have been driving 45 hours to toil for the past 2 years.

The traffic sucks as well as I have already received 2 speeding violations as well as a single HOV ticket.

I signed a lease on my house as well as 2 weeks later I had to switch jobs. The only job I could find was 45 hours away. I was pretty bummed out that I could not get out of my lease. My old job was only a 5 hour walk to work. It’s the number a single reason why I picked the house complex. The commute has genuinely been poor as well as I have been patiently waiting to get out of my lease, then now that the 2 years are up, I can transfer anywhere that I want. I chose a apartment that is much closer to work. It is also much closer to the recreational marijuana dispensary. I was about 10 miles away from the recreational marijuana dispensary but the current house is right around the corner. I will not even have to order for marijuana delivery anymore because I’ll be able to walk to the location. I could make going to the marijuana dispensary area of my afternoon exercise routine. I thought about doing that because my walking path would go right past the dispensary. I could make a single long run as well as get everything I need at the bakery, post office, dry cleaner, as well as the dispensary. Of course, I don’t guess I would have enough hands to carry everything back home. It’s entirely not a great system to make my exercise route a area of my recreational as well as medical marijuana journey.


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