Can’t blame anyone but myself

The pot is not to blame for my bad decisions last weekend.

I know how wrecked I was, although I am a firm believer in being accountable for a man’s own actions. When someone drinks too much liquor in addition to getting in a car crash, it isn’t the fault of the liquer. It is such a cheap move when people do stupid or dangerous things in addition to then say “it was not my fault, because I was too stoned to understand what I was doing.” I don’t accept that excuse from anyone else, in addition to I would never use it for myself. The truth is I ate way too many pot brownies, without knowing they were laced with magic mushrooms in addition to a stunning amount of cannabis. I knew they were loaded with OG Kush, however it wasn’t until I was already tripping that I was told about the mushrooms. The next day I learned about how wild I had run while under the influence of the magical pot cakes. I had spent a lot of time running around naked outdoors, and I felt mortified! There was no way I could blame the cannabis for my behavior that night, because it has never had that effect on me before. Cannabis never makes me act wild, so I know it was the mushrooms to blame… but it’s still my fault for not knowing what was in those pot brownies before I ate them… From now on I will only eat weed edibles that I have made myself, so I guess exactly what is in them.


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