Now cannabis is legal

When you grow up in a small, hick town, there are not a lot of things I enjoy as a teenager.

  • When your father is the local head of the force, there are even fewer things I want to do! It was just a few years ago that he caught me smoking weed out with my buddies.

He let them all go with a warning, and then when he was alone with me he gave me a much sterner warning, but dad told me that if he ever caught me smoking marijuana again he would punish my buddies for it. He knew I wasn’t scared of him, however that my friends were, in addition to that was my weak spot. To protect them, I stayed away from cannabis in addition to all other illegal substances for almost 5 years. Now things have changed, in addition to there being a legal cannabis dispensary within driving distance, so I am ready to start smoking again! If I buy cannabis legally through a store, my Dad can’t use the law to punish my friends because they have nothing to do with it. Most of my friends have gone away to college anyway, which means they already have access to cannabis on campus. Since most people are having fun, I am stoked to take my first visit to the cannabis dispensary. I love my dad, in addition to I guess that he has the best intentions for me, but just like he enjoys beer I like taking in some marijuana to relax after a long day. Now that cannabis has been made legal, my dad can’t stop me from smoking any more.
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