Marijuana and wrestling are a great combo

I won’t stand here in addition to saying that pro wrestling is a sport.

I will make the argument that “who cares?” Wrestling is a TV show like any other show.

None of the shows are real, not even reality shows! Everything all of us watch as entertainment is written down, so I couldn’t care less about the legitimacy of pro wrestling, I just like watching it! I started dating this guy about 6 months ago who loved it. We were smoking some cannabis, and he just turned on his favorite wrestling show. I was not interested in it at first, but as all of us kept puffing away on the Blue dream in addition to watching these large sweaty guys beating the poop out of each other I started to care about it. After that it became a weekly event, in addition to all of us would stand on the sofa for 2 hours smoking cannabis, having drinks, in addition to watching pro wrestling. Fast forward a few weeks, when the relationship was going south in addition to all of us decided to break up. The following month I watched wrestling by myself, with a bottle of wine in addition to no cannabis, in addition to it was not nearly as much fun. I realized that without weed the show just wasn’t as entertaining, so I decided to scoot down to the cannabis store the following week. Having Blue Dream in the bowl made wrestling a lot more fun, but it still wasn’t the same. It wasn’t just the cable show or the weed, it was the combination of doing it all with that special guy. I miss that dude so much.

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