Fighting with the competition

3 years back I ran the only cannabis dispensary in the city. At that point only medical use was permitted, so every client needed to have a prescription from their doc, plus all the right paperwork to get said yes to. Business was great, even though all of us didn’t have a ton of customers, all of us had a monopoly on local, legal weed. Two years back the local laws changed, in addition to allowing for recreational cannabis use, in addition to after that the floodgates were wide open for people. The demand for weed increased, in addition to a half dozen other cannabis dispensaries have opened since then. I used to be the only cannabis store, in addition to now I’m struggling to make my store stand out from all the rest. I decided to open a smokers lounge in the yard area next to the cannabis dispensary. I even had a local builder come in in addition to construct a small stage in the corner of the patio, with enough space for a musician to play live music to the cannabis customers. I started to book local acts that would task for cheap, in addition to also starting to host various kinds of game nights at the cannabis dispensary. We have the space to play tabletop games, so why not bring your friends to the cannabis shop to smoke out in addition to play together? Since all the local cannabis dispensaries offer more or less the same products at easily similar prices, I needed to set my store apart from the others with the experience you got by coming here. I want my weed shop to be the most fun place in town.



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