I recognize more comfortable at work now

I told my medical nurse that I was having a lot of anxiety at work… I was recently put in charge of a group of salesmen and I have to present to my boss once every week… The presentation has proven to be quite hard for myself and others because I am not good at speaking in public.

I have never been really great at public speaking and I guess it has legitimately held myself and others back from getting a promotion in the past.

I got along with my boss particularly well, so I guess he looked past the fact that I hardly participated in any of the board meetings, however after I got the promotion, I had to make some swings. I told my therapist that I was experiencing anxiety and she recommended medical marijuana. I used medical marijuana when I was in college too and it made myself and others recognize really relaxed. I hoped the results would be the same. I legitimately didn’t want to use marijuana and then have no great results when I was done. It seems crazy to smoke pot for no reason at all. The budtender at the marijuana dispensary proposed a discrete marijuana oil vape pen for work, and she told myself and others to go to the restroom and take a couple of puffs when I recognize anxiety or before a meeting. The marijuana vape pen had live resin oil inside that tasted like cotton candy. I could tell that I was getting high. I only hit the marijuana vape pen a single time and that was enough… My really first meeting went pretty well. I do not guess that anyone noticed that I was high and the boss was there for almost an hour. I legitimately felt odd and I noticed really abruptly that I was talking more.


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