Back injury recovery gets big lift from medical cannabis

Forever, I heard to lift with your legs and protect your back.

Of course, I paid very little attention to any of that and continued to jerk things off the ground or pick up stuff that was far too heavy for me.

Well, that ended up with just the results I was warned about for all those years. However, adding medical cannabis to my recovery process is just the shot in the arm that I needed. When I hurt my back, I knew right away that it was serious. I got home and got to my bed. My wife put a heating pad on me and I took some anti inflammatory stuff. But the pain and stiffness only increased. The next day, I couldn’t get out of bed. The day after I was looking up at the doctor after doing all I could just to get to that office. The pain was intense to the point I wasn’t sure I could handle it. The immediate pain meds and muscle relaxers were a big help. But I had months of rest and physical therapy ahead of me to get back to myself. That’s where things got tough. I just couldn’t get through the physical therapy sessions and I found myself leaning on the pain meds more and more. I knew that was not going to be sustainable so I started looking into the medical marijuana benefits for my condition. That led me to learn just how to get my medical marijuana card and get access to the cannabis dispensary. I’m getting through my physical therapy sessions these days and am fully on the road to recovery. The cannabis flower products have been essential for me getting over the hump.
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