Believe it or not, medical cannabis helps me with my cycle

I know that it’s not exactly the sort of subject that many people, especially most men, like talking about.

But half the species does indeed have a monthly menstrual cycle.

That’s just a fact. And for some of us, it can be completely debilitating. Thanks to access to the legal weed store, I’m now managing my period far better. And I’m just so thankful that I have the option to treat my situation with medical cannabis. My doctor and I tried just about everything that was out there. But for nearly three weeks of every month, I was beat down by period symptoms. It was to the point that I just couldn’t enjoy my life. While the meds helped some, it didn’t solve anything or really even improve the overall situation at all significantly. That’s when my doctor suggested that we do what we needed to do to heat access to the legal weed store. It was time to give cannabis products a try. I had read about the medical marijuana benefits for women with brutal periods. And that got me to learn more about the medical marijuana facts that were relevant to my situation. Once I got the cannabis regulations taken care of, I had access to the legal weed store. Those people have been so awesome. First, they are just so knowledgeable and got me on some cannabis flower products that were know to help my situation. From there we’ve fine tuned the strains of cannabis products and I’m actually managing this situation for the first time in my life.

Medical Marijuana Education