Wasn’t sure if I qualified for medical marijuana

The state I live in legalized medical marijuana 3 years ago.

There is now a medical cannabis infrastructure with specialized nurses and cannabis dispensaries.

The medical marijuana rules were a bit confusing to me. I suffer from an intestinal and gut condition that is mostly brought on by stress. This was what got me interested in learning more about medical marijuana facts. The more I researched the medical marijuana benefits for a multitude of conditions, the more I realized that I might benefit from medical cannabis. But still, I had to figure out how to get a medical marijuana card first. And that wasn’t exactly something that I was sure that I would qualify for. So I just started the process of how to get a medical marijuana card and took a chance. The idea of trying to find cannabis products without going to a cannabis dispensary was not appealing at all. I wouldn’t have assume where to begin. There entirely wasn’t anyone in our life who smoked weed and I definitely didn’t. But the more I understood the medical marijuana facts about our situation, the more I was motivated to try the process. Well, I was so satisfied with just how everything went when it came to getting through the cannabis rules. Turns out, there was a certain amount of discretion the nurse had. My situation is mostly brought on our stress and results in me having to throw up. And it can get out of hand. I’d been treated with anxiety meds however that just wasn’t a satisfactory solution. So being able to get the cannabis products was essential. Plus, I was so ecstatic to have the pick to not smoke the cannabis flower products. Using the cannabis gummies have been so much more comfortable.
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