Feeling a bit better almost each day treating with medical cannabis

It’s just so nice to finally believe enjoy there is some momentum toward managing my anxiety.

For decades, that was not a statement I could make at all. It was typically sort of a cycle of many steps forward & then more than two steps back. Thanks to medical marijuana that is no longer the case. While I have still experienced downsides, there is still forward trajectory & loads of real hope. That’s not something that I’ve felt before in my life. Like, my whole life. These afternoons, I’m no longer sheltering myself from society. It’s been a year since I started using cannabis flower products to help me. And in that time, I’ve not only kept the same task however have excelled. I even went to a picnic that I was invited to by folks I got to think at toil & at the gym. That’s another medical marijuana benefit for me. I’m seeing myself as a whole person & have found that exercise is an essential element in feeling good about my life. But with the level of anxiety that I experienced, it was impossible to even walk into a gym. With the cannabis products, there is a sort of calming comfort & confidence that I have when I go to the gym. Normally, I would be frozen in fear inside a building with strangers who were laboring out. That’s not the case now. As with my task, I’m able to focus on myself and others & believe good about what I’m doing for my physical & emotional health by getting more fit & strong. That doesn’t happen without access to the legal weed store.


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