The indica strain make me sleep like a baby

I simply went to a dispensary that sells these products

I have been working very hard at my job and I’ve had some trouble sleeping at night. It seems like I come home and I can’t turn off my brain from the day. I often lay in bed for hours and hours thinking about the events that happened throughout the day. My doctor noticed some changes in my health and he attributed them to not getting enough sleep at night. I told the doctor that I was having terrible insomnia. He suggested trying and over the counter sleep aid. He told me the name of a sleep aid that was non habit forming and I picked it up at the grocery store after my appointment. I tried the sleep aid the same night. I took a dose of the sleeping medicine about 45 minutes before I wanted to lay down and go to sleep. I figured that would give the medicine plenty of time to start working. I was still laying in bed with my eyes wide open at midnight. I was growing tired and lethargic at work and it was beginning to affect my performance. I went back to the doctor for another checkup and this time the doctor suggested medical marijuana. The doctor said that medical marijuana might be able to help me sleep. Since I live in a state where medical and recreational marijuana are legal, I did not need a prescription. I simply went to a dispensary that sells these products. I told someone behind the counter that I was looking for a product that would help increase my sleep. The person behind the counter offered me several different products that could help with sleeping.

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