The tincture tasted like glue instead of vanilla beans

I love to try new marijuana products.

The bartenders at the dispensary know me by name. Whenever there is something new at the store, they always let me know as soon as I come through the door. Last week the marijuana store got a new product from a brand new manufacturer. The product is an edible tincture. The tincture comes in a small bottle, but it contains 1,000 mg of thc. The tincture is super potent. I wasn’t sure if it was going to taste good or not. I only bought one jar of tincture just in case. The product came in lots of different flavors like strawberry, banana, vanilla, and pineapple. I thought vanilla was a pretty safe choice. If the tincture was terrible, I could always mix it with something else. It would be much harder to disguise a mango or pineapple flavor. I bought the tincture and went home to try it. I decided to mix the tincture in some orange juice that I had in the fridge. I thought it might taste like a creamsicle with the orange juice and the vanilla tincture. I decided to try the tincture before I poured it into my juice. I stuck my tongue into the bottle so I could try a small set. The flavor of the tincture was terrible. The edible marijuana product was supposed to taste like vanilla, but it tasted like glue. It did not have the flavor that I was expecting and I was very disappointed by the product. I returned the rest of the bottle to the store for a full refund.


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