The whole drive was wet and rainy, so we had to smoke with the windows rolled up

My best friend Jack and I went for a drive on Saturday. We were going to drive all the way to the coast to go to the beach. The weather was supposed to be warm and sunny. After we got past the valley and over the mountain, we noticed the weather was different than the forecast. I never really bothered to check the forecast for the weather in the next valley. When I saw rain in the forecast, I knew that Jack and I picked a bad day to go to the beach. We were already on our way to the water and we were not going to turn around. Once we actually got to the beach, the weather cleared up and we had lots of sun. Jack and I enjoyed going in the water and we got some sun while we were there. Things were going really well until we packed up the car to go back home. Jack and I did not expect torrential downpours on the way back home. It was raining terribly hard and we couldn’t roll the windows down at all. Every time I tried to roll down the window, Water started pouring in on the door and my arm. Jack and I wanted to smoke a marijuana joint, but we didn’t want the whole car to fill with smoke. Unfortunately, that was our only option if we were going to smoke marijuana on the way home from the beach. Jack and I both rolled our windows down a small crack. We smoked our marijuana joints and smoke started to fill the car. Every once in a while, we rolled the window down a little bit further to get some of the marijuana smoke out of the car.

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