It was absurdly hot on Tuesday

Temps this week have been so high… All of us rarely ever have days that are over 100° during the summer. This week the two of us had a couple days in a row when the hot temps went over 100 degrees. This week is the third day in a row when the two of us had to turn off the air conditioner in the early afternoon. It was simply too hot to not run the machine. It does not help the heat and humidity when the two of us have to shut down the air conditioner… Usually I go outside to smoke marijuana. I do not want the house to smell like marijuana products. This week I decided to smoke in the condo instead. I set up the box fan next to the section where I was going to smoke marijuana. I closed all of the doors and windows inside of the room and I turned on the fan. I opened up one of the windows just a small crack so I could blow the smoke outside. The heat coming in from the small crack in the window made the entire room about three or multiple degrees warmer. Believe me, I didn’t expect so much heat to come into the condo just by opening up the window just a small crack. Before I finished the marijuana joint, I was hot and dripping with sweat. I only smoked half a joint in the condo one time that day. I figured it was just as easy to go outside if I was going to perspire anyways. There was absolutely no reason to fill the condo with marijuana smoke if I would be just as hot and uncomfortable as I was sitting outside on the patio.

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