I didn’t expect to find weed in the backpack

I think that might have been their plan

My child Max wanted to have an immense get-together for her 12th birthday. I agreed to let Max invite half a dozen kids for the weekend. All of us had an immense pool get-together and the two of us grilled hamburgers and hot cats for the young ones. Things were going pretty well at first. All of the children seem to get along and they weren’t as loud and noisy as I thought they would be. I was getting the young ones’ things gathered up so I could take everything up to our son’s home office. One of the backpacks was sitting half open. I grabbed the bin and flipped it on the side so I could find the zipper. All of the stuff in the backpack felt out onto the ground. I grabbed the items and started shoving them back into the bag. One of the items looked a little bizarre and peculiar. The exterior of the package made the item look like it was recreational marijuana. After more carefully searching the items, I realized that I was correct. I did not know how or why one of the young ones had marijuana in their backpack. I did not say anything to the young ones when they came inside, however I did not put the marijuana products back into the bag. I did not want the young ones smoking marijuana in the middle of the night when our hubby and I were asleep. I think that might have been their plan. After all of the youngsters were in the condo and settled down, one of the guys came into the kitchen where all the backpacks had been and she started searching around for something. I asked him if I could help him find something and he said no.


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