Finding more life with medical marijuana

I’m not in great shape and there is no denying it.

When I was diagnosed with cancer, it was pretty grim news.

The doctor was straight forward about my chances and they weren’t great. Not all cancer battles have any sort of happy ending. But maybe my ending is being made much better thanks to medical marijuana. I wasn’t much of a marijuana guy when I was healthy and I think that was too bad. Yet, I don’t know if I could have slowed down enough to really enjoy the benefits of weed. When I started chemo, I figured out how to get access to cannabis near me. The medical pot store helped me from there. I found some real compassion at the medical weed store as well. That’s pretty awesome. The weed really helped through that chemo. I didn’t puke near like I thought I would and the marijuana helped me with appetite. I kept up with the medical marijuana treatments as I went through the cancer fight. But it wasn’t too long into that fight where it was clear that this wasn’t going to be my fight. And again, medical marijuana has helped me see my way clear to just soaking up all the life I can, while I can. The sunrises are more vibrant and even the rain’s volume can be detected. I’m so utterly thankful that the citizens of my state made medical cannabis available for me at this point in my life. The outcome would be the same if I didn’t have access to the medical weed store. But I sure would be missing out on some life and just how precious it is.

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