I smoked weed inside the house

The Temperatures this month have been so much higher than usual.

The two of us rarely ever have days that are over 100° while in the summer.

This month Max and I had multiple days in a row where the temperatures were over 100. Today was the fourth morning in a row when Max and I had to turn down the air conditioner in the day. It was simply too tepid to run the machine. It doesn’t help the heating or the humidity when the people I was with and I have to shut off the air conditioner; Usually Max and I go outside to smoke marijuana. I don’t want our house to aroma like marijuana products. Today Max and I decided to smoke in the new home instead. I set up the fan next to the space where Max and I were going to smoke marijuana. I closed all of the doors inside of the room and I turned on the fan. Max opened up one of the windows a small crack so I could blow the smoke outside. The heating coming in from the small crack in the window made the whole room about 10 degrees warmer. Believe me, I did not expect so much heat to come into the new home just by opening up 1 window a small crack. Before I finished the marijuana joint, I felt tepid and dripping with sweat. I only smoked a joint in the new home one time that morning. Max and I figured it was just as easy to go outside if I was going to be dripping with sweat anyways. There was no good reason to fill the new home with marijuana smoke if I was going to be just as sizzling and gross as I was resting outside on the patio.

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