I felt blessed When the ice cream truck came by

Marijuana products give me the worst munchies.

When I smoke a bowl, I know I am going to be looking for a snack shortly after I finish… A lot of people get killer munchies after they smoke marijuana.

Having intense hunger is one of the side effects of smoking. That’s why it was first prescribed for cancer patients. It can also be prescribed for patients who suffer from anorexia or bulimia for the same exact reason. I tried to be sure that I have a handy snack ready for after I smoke. If I have to search the new home for something to eat, I get frustrated and upset. It never helps our high to be hungry. I smoked a joint on Saturday morning after I woke up. I was planning to have a leisurely morning in the house. I was going to run some errands later that day, although I planned to relax and watch a little TV in the morning. I wanted to catch up on our number one cable program. I had already missed a few episodes in a row. I was starting to get the munchies when I heard the faint yet distinctive noise outside of the apartment. It was the local ice cream truck. I looked outside and I saw a truck down the block. I got our wallet and our shoes and I headed outside. When the ice cream truck drove by, I was ready with our money. I purchased a bomb pop, a Klondike bar, multiple pints of ice cream, and a basket of cheetos. I must have looked like a fiend shopping for all of those sugary treats in front of the kids.

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