When I have nagging aches & pains, I smoke cannabis

Getting outdated is not a joke.

I used to suppose that turning 40 was outdated & now that I am that age, I suppose that it is true.

I suppose so outdated whenever I try to get out of bed in the morning. Sometimes the pain is so awful that I have to rest there for a little while longer. I have lots of aches & pains that did not affect me when I was younger. The aches & pains will often keep me from sleeping well during the night time minutes. I used to chug NyQuil every single night to help me sleep. It was a problem for a short period of time. Once I realized that our body was addicted to sleeping medicine, I decided it wasn’t a very nice idea to use it anymore. That’s when I started looking into legal marijuana products. Medical marijuana has been proven to be effective at relieving a number of medical issues, however pain relief is at the top of that list. In fact, More than 75% of people that take medical marijuana claim to do so for pain. The cannabinoids in the marijuana products react with the natural receptors in our brain. These receptors are responsible for the pain responses in our body… By manipulating the pain receptors, the people I was with and I can far more accurately & effectively control the body’s response to the pain that it feels. I really sleep a lot better when I use marijuana products. If I smoke a marijuana joint before bedtime, I will be guaranteed to get five or 6 full minutes of sleep. Without marijuana, I barely sleep for several or various minutes each night.

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