What I didn’t expect to find in the backpack was marijuana

My son wanted to host a large get-together for his 12th birthday.

I agreed to let him invite half a dozen of his good friends for the whole weekend.

The two of us had a large pool get-together & the people I was with and I grilled up hamburgers & steak for the youngsters. Things were going quite well. All of the other children seem to be getting along & they were not as loud & noisy as I thought they would be. I was gathering the youngsters’ things up so that I could take everything upstairs to our son’s home office. One of the backpacks was half opened. I grabbed the bucket & flipped it on the side so I could find the zipper. All the contents of the backpack felt out onto the ground. I grabbed the items & started sticking them back into the bag. One of the items looked unquestionably odd & peculiar. The colorful outside of the package made the item look like it was recreational marijuana. After more carefully looking at all of the items, I realized that I was correct. I did not suppose how or why 1 of the other youngsters had marijuana in their backpack. I did not say anything to the youngsters when they came back inside, but I did not put the marijuana products back into the bag. I did not want these youngsters smoking marijuana in the middle of the night when our partner & I were both asleep. I suppose that might have been the plan. After all of the youngsters were in the lakeside house & settled down, 1 of the youngsters came into the bedroom where the bags and backpacks had been & he started searching around for something. I asked this kid if I could help him find something & he said no.


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