I found out about the baby at work

Bob & I have been divorced for 2 years.

I heard rumors that he was dating someone, but I did not suppose if it was real or not until a month ago.

I was easily working at the dispensary when Bob & the modern lady came into the store. Bob did not suppose that I had transferred to a odd location. I’m sure Bob was surprised when he saw me easily working behind the counter at the marijuana dispensary. I was just as shocked as he was, especially when I saw Bob with the woman. She looked like she was easily 6 months pregnant. I wanted to find out if the baby was his, but I did not ask. Instead, I waited until Bob made the marijuana purchases & left the store & then I called 1 of our friends. She confirmed what I had already suspected. Bob had already moved on & gotten someone else pregnant. After 5 years of marriage to me, Bob sure was ready to transfer abruptly into another relationship. Bob and I tried to have a baby for various years. I suppose that was 1 of the reasons why Bob and I had so many troubles in the relationship. It sure did not look like Bob was having any trouble getting someone else to have a baby, so I suppose Bob found exactly what he was looking for. It makes me wonder if he was seeing her before he and I got a divorce. I do not really want to suppose the answer to that question. I just dislike the fact that Bob found someone else before I did.


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