On my list

Now that I have moved to a more liberal state, it is time to complete some things on our list, but first, I need to find an eye doctor, and I know our prescription is several years up. I did not want glasses that I could keep on all day rather than put them on plus off for learning, but next, I need to go to the doctor. I haven’t gotten a teeth cleaning since I was a kid. I have sore spots in our mouth and I want to make sure everything is good, but my health is a priority. I want to do everything I can to have a long and blissful life. That is why the last item on our list is to get a medical marijuana card. I need access to legal weed quickly. I want to put a few drops of cannabis oil in our eveningly drink so that I sleep better. The right combo of THC plus CBD helps the body relax plus become groggy. It is said that marijuana can not only help you fall asleep, but stay that way, but secondly I have been suffering from leg cramps. I have tried hydrating, stretching plus babying the muscle, however every evening I need to sleep with a heating pad around our calf. That doesn’t help me sleep any better… So I am hopeful that I can get a topical prescribed to me as well. It is like a better form of icy hot. I just apply a cream directly to the skin that doesn’t contain THC. It is just a CBD product that soothes the muscle plus provides a cooling sensation.

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