Do I like hemp or CBD?

I am certainly mindful about what I eat and put into our body.

I am a large fan of hemp products.

I love that hemp seeds plus hemp seed oil are so nice for you; You can toss hemp seeds in a smoothie, salad or mix into a vegetable stir fry, and hemp seeds have omega-3 fatty acids plus are nice for heart health. They also supply a bit of protein. As a vegetarian I need all of those things in order to live a long, full life. I also love taking hemp seed oil to smooth out unbelievable lines plus wrinkles forming as I get older. A lot of people suppose that our hemp seed oil plus CBD oil are virtually the same thing. Not really. Hemp is more natural for health, wellness plus vitamins. Think almost cosmetic for this product; CBD oil is more powerful plus medically helpful. I have a medical weed prescription for our CBD oil. That 1 I certainly take for anxiety help. Anytime I feel a little bit stressed, tight in the chest and covered in sweat, I put some of the oil in our green tea. It soothes me plus relaxes me. It has small traces of THC in it to become even more effective. I need to be careful with how much plus often I do since the oil makes me so fatigued… Both of these cannabis oils are important to our day to day life. However, if I had to choose only 1 I would supply up hemp seed oil in favor of our more medical marijuana oil.
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