Nervous and cannabis

I have constantly teetered the line with full forced anxiety.

  • My dad has it plus I am a lot like him.

I certainly don’t want it to escalate into a big problem. I have been certainly working out, sharing our feelings, meditating plus eliminating stressors in our life. I don’t want to have to take anti-anxiety pills. Occasionally I just have stressful situations come up, but getting married was certainly difficult. It wasn’t that I didn’t like my partner or had regrets, I was overwhelmed with planning plus money. I noticed that I started getting a tight feeling in our chest nearly everyday. Then I would start to breathe small and our heart would go crazy. I knew it was a panic attack happening at least once a week. I didn’t want this to form into something bigger. So I purchased myself a vape pen plus a cannabis oil to smoke. I use this marijuana product only when I am feeling anxious. I take a few puffs each day and then I feel much more relaxed. Once the stressor is gone from our life, I take a break from cannabis. After I got married I didn’t need to vape our cannabis oil until our task promotion. I needed to rely on our cannabis until I got comfortable in our new position plus role. It is nice having that kind of backup really at our disposal. I love that I don’t need to go to a doctor, spend money and some fees and wait around for a cannabis card too. I can get our cannabis oil right at our recreational cannabis dispensary.
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