Feeling better now that salvagey includes medical marijuana

I know there is a reason for everything or at least that belief helps myself and others deal with our reality.

However, unless I had not slipped off that ladder, I would really never have used marijuana in our life.

This has to do with how I was raised combined with a lifetime of misinformation mixed in. That will solidify most thoughts in your head. But when I was finding myself with a pain medication problem and not enough improvement in our back, I knew something had to change. It was our neighbor, of all people, who gave myself and others some information on medical weed. Of course, I had followed the legislation process and knew that pot was legal. Well, medical marijuana is legal. You have to have a prescription to get that weed near me. And who are the people I was with and I kidding, where was I going to get marijuana if it wasn’t legal medical marijuana right? I was impressed with the welcome and guidance I received from the medical pot shop. They did a great job of helping a complete weed newbie figure out what I needed. They put together the medical cannabis for myself and others and explained just how to use it. I wasn’t wild about smoking pot but I was at a point where I needed a win when it came to our back. It’s amazing how the marijuana honestly freed myself and others up so much more flexibility wise. And this was great because I could go deeper with our exercise and stretching I’m supposed to be doing. The medical cannabis also shuts down muscle spasms. I’m a medical marijuana believer now, there is no doubt that I’m not where I am today without weed.

how to get a medical marijuana card