He requires medical cannabis

My father has constantly been a man that just holds it in.

It wasn’t a surprise to our family when he developed full forced anxiety.

At first every one of us decided the medical route was the way to go. I drove our father to the doctor, he waited in the waiting room, filled out paperwork plus paid a bunch of money for a doctor to supply him medication. The worst section was that our father was forced to get a prostate exam to even get his pills. Meds weren’t the best solution. My dad frequently would forget to take them, not opening up his prescription at the pharmacy or not even call it in. More often than not he was off the meds. When he got back on it took awhile for him to act normal. It was certainly upsetting. He also dreaded every renewal appointment due to the prostate exam at the doctors. I did some research plus found that medical cannabis would be a better fit for me. Now his once a year doctor’s visit is a more than four ninth chat with a doctor. He has a card that he just takes into the cannabis dispensary to get his product. He can get it at a moment’s notice or purchase on the computer plus have it delivered. My father prefers vaping cannabis oil than taking a pill. He wears the vape around his neck plus takes a few hits when needed. Since he is a sheep farmer it is self-explanatory for him to smoke on the tractor plus in the field.

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