I looked it up first

There are tablets, mints, gums, drinks plus hard candies to buy

It is amazing how many weird products there are at the cannabis dispensary near me. When the legal weed shop opened up I couldn’t wait to get inside. I wanted to try legal weed for years. I was hoping to get our hands on some edibles plus see if it helped me sleep in the evening. I wasn’t prepared for what I found. The marijuana store had a dab bar, vape lounge plus all sorts of bizarre products. I was too embarrassed to ask a budtender what to buy. So instead I went to my condo and prepared for our next trip. A dab bar is a metal rig system that you heat up concentrates. This is a more intense, pure form of marijuana. The vape lounge is the only stadium in a dispensary where you can certainly use your products. You are allowed to smoke your cannabis flower product or vape cannabis there. Other than that, all the marijuana products you buy need to stay in the package plus be put away until you get home. I then researched the expansive list of edibles. I realized that pot brownies were only 1 form of an edible. Basically you can have cannabis in anything. There are all sorts of cannabis beverages with weird amounts of CBD plus THC. There are tablets, mints, gums, drinks plus hard candies to buy. Some marijuana dispensaries offer an on site bakery where they make fresh cannabis laced products. After learning up on each kind of edible, I was more than ready for our next trip into the dispensary.



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