They are right there for me

I moved into a giant home complex that sits right on a major turn.

  • There was nothing but a lot of movement going on in the lot next to it.

The owner promised us renters that the section was up plus coming. Since there was nothing when I began renting, I got a certainly nice rate. As I have lived there a lot of dealers have arrived. We now have a pizza parlor, sub shop, bank, arcade plus a restaurant/bar business. Not too long ago I noticed a new building forming. I was excited for the next new thing. I was certainly excited for a fitness studio or a fresh market. I wanted something I would use nearly everyday. Instead it was a cannabis dispensary. Not a marijuana user, I was certainly upset. Thankfully I didn’t write it off right then and there. Friends of mine in the building convinced me to walk over plus try some cannabis. It was right there after all. I might as well use the perk while I can. Since our state offers legal recreational weed, I didn’t need to fill out any paperwork or spend money. I just needed a photo ID to show I was 21 years old. I care about the cannabis dispensary! They offer all sorts of topicals that are right up our alley. There are cannabis shampoos, conditioners plus hair products. They have a whole marijuana themed skin care line. I care about the smell plus how our body feels after using these products. It is like a high end grocery store!


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